Why Use Us?

Why Use Childhood Memories Photography??

We understand there are other companies which could take your school, nursery or group photographs, you may even be using them at the moment, so why give Childhood Memories a try?

Advantages to Schools, Nursery or Groups

Fully bespoke service

Calm, friendly, experienced photographers, DBS checked

Competitive commission

Simple booking process

A LOCAL company, serving local schools, nurseries and groups

We only use our own photographers not freelancersCN-SP8-4

Tray of cakes to say “thank you” for using Childhood Memories for staff

Minimal disruption to school or nursery on the day of the shoot.

Area used for the shoot returned to the state it was found in.

Proof cards sent within 10 days of the shoot.

Proof cards are simple and easy to understand

Our contact details are upon each card so any questions can be answered quickly by us.

“Return date” of proof card agreed. We collect cards on a date agreed.

Completed orders returned within another 10 days.

CD / DVD returned to school or nursery with images of each child. FREE OF CHARGE

Commission cheque paid with completed orders

Spreadsheet showing all orders and order value to verify commission owed

Box of chocolates to say “thank you” to the office staff for their help.

Advantages For Parents

Calm, friendly, professional photographers

Determination to get the best image of each child, rather than just “a” picture.

Really simple proof cards

Easy to order

Contact details provided to answer any questions

Quick turnaround of proof cards then quick turnaround of completed order

HUGE selection of photographs / sizes and image styles

HUGE selection of gift ideas for friends and family

Knowing you are helping your child’s school and nursery as each purchase provides them with valuable commission.

A LOVELY picture of your most precious gift.